"Contract Staffing" as the name suggests is way of recruiting required manpower on contract. This contract could take place between one company and one individual or between two companies (Client Company and staffing company).

Most people are familiar with the conventional employee-employer relationship, where a person is hired by a company in a long-term relationship at which an employee could spend their entire career. When a company needs employees on a shorter-term basis, to handle a backlog or a "spike" in the workload, the company has two choices:

First, they can spend the effort and expense to search, interview and hire new employees and then lay them off afterwards, assuming the qualified staff can be found. Or, second, they can call an employment company such as STSSB and hire one of STSSB's employees to do the job.

In the second option, the company contracts STSSB to provide STSSB's staff for the job. When the job is completed, the STSSB contract technical staff’s returns to STSSB for reassignment to another job. Contract technical staffing greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for the company while giving them instant access to the resources they need.

Our contractor volumes range from single placements to teams of multi-discipline engineers and we can accommodate the most ambitious timescales for meeting project manpower requirements because we get to know the movers and shakers within the industry.

Long-lasting relationships with contractors in all of the industries we support means that we’re approached by some of the well-qualified professionals in the industry when their assignments are nearing completion – so we can look ahead on their behalf and make the perfect match between them and your business.

We’ve been working with professional and technical, engineering and port management companies for almost come to 10 years and have supported contract requirements since we were established.