Insulation is our specialized business concern handling all technical knowhow, design, supply and installation in the field of hot, cold and acoustic insulation. We have the capabilities to undertake most complicated and demanding projects. With resources available from our worldwide insulation engineering specialists, made possible from representing their range of insulation products, we are committed and able to specify and propose to our Clients up-to-date insulation technologies and applications.


Project Management has an efficient and competent team of experienced people in term of years to handle any size of insulation job, from mundane to complex ones. We are able to provide to our clients a viable back-up service program for any job or project undertaken by us.


With priority given to safety first, our professional workmanship together with our total service policy makes us one of the best insulation team in the industry.

Field of Insulation Services:
  • Marine and Ship Repair
  • Petroleum & Oil Refinery
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Industrial Plants (Incineration, power generation gas)
Type of Insulation Services:
  • Maintenance – Shutdown and Annual
  • Expansion/Extension of existing plants
  • New project in the field of services mentioned

We use all type of Insulation Products such as Rockwool, Calcium Silicate, Fiberglass Wool, Aluminum Flexible Duct, Aluminum Foil, Fiberglass Cloth & Tape, Ceramic Fiber, Roof Mesh, PU/PIR Foam, PU Spray Foam, Cellular Glass, Extruded PS Foam, Acoustical Punf Foam, Phenolic Foam and etc.

Type of Insulation:
  • Hot & Cold Insulation
  • Sound Barrier Insulation
  • Cryogenic Insulation
  • In-situ polyurethane foam filling
  • Anti corrosion lining for underground pipe lines
  • Pre-fabricated Insulation