Whether you’re looking for board, director or senior level appointments or even non-skills up to semi-skills workers from professional to technical staffing, you’ll need a comprehensive headhunting strategy, coordinated by reliable staffing consultants who will uncover the hidden gems in the market.
That is why we introduced our placement guarantees - to give you peace of mind when you’re working with Soft Triangle Services Sdn Bhd.

How its works?

Our specialist team uses a simple eight-stage headhunting methodology:

1. Job Inquiry – you tell us what you need.
2. Job posting – we do the advertisement.
3. Sourcing data and candidates availability - we identify and suggest candidates. You approve them.
4. Approach, screening and preliminary interviews – we establish interest and experience.
5. Agency interviewing – we conduct interviews and competency-based questioning or phone interview.
6. Candidate shortlist – we present you with a shortlist for interviewing.
7. Final interviewing – we schedule interviews between you and the candidates.
8. Approval – you identify the perfect candidate. We help you reach a successful conclusion.

How its helps?

Time Consume is less

You outsource all of the legwork involved with any level appointments. What you need to just approve the final lists for interviews and finalize candidates for job offered.

We advertise your vacancies, source CVs and headhunt, review and filter applications, create candidate shortlists and support you with your ongoing labor requirements.

Expertise Gain

We may have invested many hours in the search and selection process, but if we don't find you a candidate you will not be charged any fee.

Less Risk

Every search is different, because every search is tailored – our consultants put a lot of time and effort into each stage of the hiring process. This lowers the likelihood of a mismatch, giving you the confidence that you’ve hired the right people for your business. We’re total focus on recruitment.

Quality Improvisation

Thru the refining processes, measuring results and acting as a focal team for your hiring needs, your recruitment capability is improved. We know your industry well, so we help you find the best talent quickly and efficiently. We don’t settle for second best.

Costs Reduction

By managing a wide range of sourcing channels in a strategic and controlled process, we can ensure that the best talent is sourced via the correct channel in the most cost effective way. These channels can include internal staff, pre built talent pools, your database, the massive of our database thru our database system and our job portal, on line and off line advertising, networking and 3rd party agencies.

Through the design and expert operation of innovative sourcing, 100% of roles can be satisfied, the large majority of which without recourse to traditional recruitment consultants and the associated fees. This will definitely increasing quality and reducing time to hire.